Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 -- week 3 of #projectlife -- perspective

this week (week 3) i had the honor of making some new furry friends, bernoulli and cassiopia. i've met both of them countless times before but every time i've tried to hang out with them, they've been very resistant. noulli is bipolar; one minute he's begging for snacks, the next he's growling and temperamental. and cassie, despite being a herding dog, is the shyest puppy you've ever met. but all that changed this week -- this week, their papa was away from home and i was tasked with checking in on them. i figured they would be stand-offish, per usual, but the from the moment i walked in the door, they were my best friends. and it made me think about how much of a difference a new perspective can make.

humans, like these pups, are quick to judge and slow to change, wanting to stay in their comfort zone, often to the detriment of themselves, but, amazingly, a tiny adjustment to your perspective can change everything. that's why i feel so strongly about stepping out of your comfort zone, of trying new things, of experimenting, because without stretching your brain, your viewpoint remains the same. and while you're absolutely amazing the way you are, the world is constantly changing, and it seems only reasonable to grow and change with it. and, of course, having a positive perspective on life is key. everything happens for a reason; even the horrible and ugly things have a silver lining. change the way you think about life, and your life will change.

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