Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2015 -- week 4 of #projectlife -- ridiculous kittenz

at least once a day i'm blown away by the ridiculousness of my kittenz. they eat my candy, drink my milk, steal my tuna, cover up and hide their vomit, pull my underwear out of the drawer, and run through the apartment running into things. it's insane. i live in an insane asylum.

every once in a while i fight back. like this week, when i dressed them up in my scarf and rcg's glasses and took blackmail photos. it doesn't matter what i was blackmailing them about; they're cats, they didn't listen and they don't care. but they're adorable as tiny hipster kittenz.

other ridiculous kittenz:
the kitten mittons commercial: this kills me. every. time.
sail cat: i could watch this on repeat for hours.

ps. happy birthday to my beautiful mildred, who is 6 years old today.

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