Wednesday, May 6, 2015

backpacking in bangkok, thailand

bangkok is a backpacker's paradise. the streets are filled with twenty somethings wearing tank tops and elephant pants looking to party. there is a lack of deodorant and an excess of stiff drinks. and while i'm not much of a drinker, there is a certain appeal to letting go and letting bangkok. just make sure you wake up the next morning, the sights are not to be missed.









a quick guide to bangkok -- 

eat: unfortunately, we weren't in bangkok long enough to really explore the food scene, but our best recommendation is to eat at the vendors on khao san road. although, there is a seemingly vegetarian place at the end of chana songkhram alley on ram buttri that serves a great green curry; their pad thai, however, is the absolute worst. 

drink: khao san road is known as a backpacker's hangout, so pretty much anywhere you go you'll find strong, if not overpriced, drinks.

see: bangkok is a giant city, and we only had a day to explore, so we picked three spots: the grand palace (500baht), wat traimit (the golden buddha, 40baht), and wat pho (the reclining buddha, 100baht).

sleep: dang derm hotel

- according to the guidebook, most of the temples require pants and closed toed shoes, but when you get to the grand palace, you'll see people in sandals, flip flops, and shorts. not to worry; if you forget long pants, you can rent wraps at the entrance, but there are no shoes to rent. they didn't seem to be making a big deal about the shoes, but out of respect for the thai culture, please put on appropriate footwear.
- in fact, most of the temples across southeast asia will require entrants to wear long pants or long skirts, so if you're going to be doing a bit of traveling, it's worth investing in lightweight pants/skirt, zip offs, or an easy to carry wrap. remember it can get quite hot, so it's important to keep that in mind when buying something.

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