Sunday, July 12, 2015

mt. lemmon in the springtime

what do you do when you've planned a day of climbing and hiking and can't find the trail? you make your own, of course. we searched for a while, but when we still couldn't find the trailhead, we decided to make our way up the hill, trail or no. seven hundred vertical feet later, we reached the top, got cell service, and discovered that we were on the wrong ridge; that's why we couldn't find the trail! no matter. the day was beautiful, the wind was whipping, and the exercise was great. and when we reached the bottom again, this time via a trail and not through the brush, we still had enough sunlight to climb a few boulders. 

(a few weeks later we went back to find the real trail and had a bit more success.)

hike/climb: incinerator ridge

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