Friday, July 24, 2015

the best way to see dc

it's been a long time since i visited dc with tourist intentions; normally when i head back east, it's to hang out with family. but this trip was a girls trip, and one of the girls wanted to do some sightseeing in dc. but we're not a normal sightseeing bunch -- we're a "pick one thing in each museum and move on" kind of group. we saw the first ladies collection at the american history museum, the gems and minerals at the natural history museum, and that was it. it was so refreshing. instead of being burdened by trying to see it all, we chose only the things that actually interested us.




a quick guide --

in williamsburg:

eat: pierce's pitt barbeque for a delicious pulled pork sandwich and the cheese shop for iconic williamsburg sandwiches. 

drink: the green leafe cafe, a favorite watering hole for the local college students

in dc:

eat: the ever delicious zatinya, a mediterranean delight near chinatown

see: the monuments and the museums. pick a metro stop near the mall, there are a ton to choose from, check out a few exhibits in the museums, and then walk. from the capitol to the lincoln memorial is approximately 2.5 miles, and on a sunny day, it can be the most magnificent walk. plus, then you get to see all the museums and memorials. 

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