Monday, July 20, 2015

the siren song of an LA night

los angeles has a certain allure. it's the land of hollywood; it's glitz and glamour and juice cleanses. but it's also grit and grim and a giant city of highways and concrete. the food is delicious, the weather is phenomenal, and the traffic is the pits. but there are mountains and waves and everything in between. it's a beautiful city.


a quick guide to los angeles:

eat: daikokuya, hands down the best ramen i've ever eaten. 

drink: 82 and villians tavern: both are so different and so good. at 82, arcade meets bar, and everyone can relive the glory days of pacman and pinball, while at villians there is live music and off the wall, but crazy delicious, cocktails with fun names like belladonna and stan lee. 

do: hike in the deukmejian wilderness park. i'm sure there are a million hikes to do in and around la, but this is the one we did and it was great, although there is very little shade so be sure to bring water. 

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