Friday, July 10, 2015

unplugging in koh rong, cambodia

there are a million different magazine and newspaper articles each year about how we've become too attached to our phones, how technology has affected our lives and health, how badly we need to unplug and put our phones down and away, and how difficult that can be. but in koh rong, a small island off of the coast of cambodia, turning off your phone and unplugging from the internet are not a choice; it's life. the electricity is only turned on for a couple of hours in the evening, but the wifi is so bad that it's not even worth turning on your phone. but that's ok. in fact, it's a welcome break from reality; there's nothing to think about or worry about. eventually you'll be back on the mainland and you'll have to be a responsible adult again, but until then, take advantage of the opportunity to soak up the sun and turn the technology off.

a quick guide to koh rong -- 

eat: peppered crab. cambodia is known for their peppercorns, so many of their dishes feature it heavily, and the peppered crab was amazing.

drink: our entire time on koh rong was spent at our hotel -- it's right on the beach, has a restaurant/bar, and comfy lounge chairs. there was no reason for us to leave. but there were other places on our strip of beach, so if you wanted to explore, you certainly can.

see: the sunsets. there's not much to look at besides turquoise water, fishing boats, and your travel companions, so enjoy the chance to unplug, unwind, and relax.

do: nothing. seriously.

sleep: sok san new beach bunglaows

  • get cash before you leave sihanoukville; koh rong has no atms! 
  • don't expect to connect to the internet; the hotel's only have electricity for a couple of hours each day, but the wifi was awful.

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