Wednesday, October 14, 2015

nighttime in the desert!

living in the desert, and particularly in tucson, i can walk out of my front door and see a million stars. (tucson has pretty strict light pollution laws because of their proximity to kitt peak observatory.) but we still live in the city, so the pictures aren't amazing. but when we went to new mexico last september (how has a year passed already?!) i stayed up late practicing taking photos of the milky way. they aren't the best photos i've ever seen, but with no tripod and no training they aren't half bad. 

to get these photos all i did was play around with the timing of the photos and the f-stop, hence the varying levels of surrounding light and the brightness of the stars. i definitely need more practice, and would love to take a class or have a discussion with someone to learn more about night photography. but in the meantime, this was a fun little experiment!

ps. in that last photo, not only can you see the milky way, but you can also see sagittarius pretty clearly! 

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