Monday, October 12, 2015

spring break: a week south of the border

my life goal is to travel, to visit hundreds of countries and all seven continents, to learn about different cultures and eat food from around the world, but right now, and probably for many years to come, my heart is in mexico. so whenever we get a free week, we tend to spend it down south.


the first time i visited oaxaca, three amazing things happened: i was lucky enough to see and swim with sparkly, shimmery, wonderful bioluminescent algae, i visited a museum dedicated to sea turtles, and i met rcg.

this trip mirrored, and surpassed, the original: we swam with the phosphorescent algae again, and it was even brighter and more spectacular than before, and we helped liberate baby sea turtles into the ocean.




a guide --

in df, eat: puebla 109

for more things to do in df, check out: the post office near the zocalo, the national palace with the famous murals by diego rivera, frida kahlo's house in coyacan, the virgin of guadalupe, and the ruins at teotihuacan

in puerto escondido, learn: spanish and surfing at oasis 

for more things to do in puerto escondido, check out: el andador, a walkway leading to the lighthouse, laguna manialtepec to see bioluminescent algae, the tortuga museum in mazunte, and the many beautiful beaches of the oaxacan coast.

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