Monday, May 23, 2016

kayaking in tofino

tofino is a strange little town at the end of a long drive. there's only one way into town, a windy two lane road, and as a result you almost feel like everyone who lives there got lost and liked it so much they stayed. it's a odd mixture of surfers and retirees, of fishermen and tourists. but the food is delicious, the scenery beautiful, and wildlife spectacular.

a quick guide to tofino -- 

eat: tofino is known for their seafood, most of which is caught locally. our favorite place was wolf in the fog because of their large plates to share, but sea shanty and the shelter restaurant were both equally delicious.  

see: on your way from victoria, bc, you will pass a charming little market called goats on the roof. it is definitely worth a stop, if only to see the goats munching away on the grass roof. if you have time, stop into the market and buy snacks (eg. salmon jerky and pie) for the rest of your drive. 

do: this is whale watching country, so i would be remiss if i didn't recommend a whale watching cruise at jamie's whaling station. that being said, if you're up for a little more activity, we loved the kayak tour! with a guide, you paddle around the bay looking at all of the local wildlife, hoping for a seal to visit, and eating the seaweed straight from the source. it was amazing, and you get some light exercise! another favorite activity is fishing. charter a boat and go halibut fishing for halibut. there are probably official fishing outfits around town, but if you want something a little more diy, go down to the docks and ask around for the best price.

sleep: we tried to camp most places we travelled, unfortunately the official canadian national park camping spots weren't open yet. instead we found wya point surf shop cafe. it's a little outside of town, but at $20/night, with hot showers, it's a pretty great deal. 

to get to vancouver island from washington state you can take a 90 minute ferry ride from port angeles to victoria, bc, for a little less than $100 a car.

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