Monday, May 30, 2016

try the pie: a drive through idaho & montana

initially we were dreading the two day drive from walla walla to yellowstone, but after a hundred miles or so of driving along beautiful forest roads, following one crystal clear river after another, we began to see the beauty in the journey. we had never really explored idaho before, and while i wouldn't consider what we did, really exploring, it was nice to be off the big highways, enjoying cool dips in the river and huckleberry pie.

a quick guide to driving through idaho & montana -- 

eat: the huckleberry pie at river dance lodge was possibly the best thing i ate during our three weeks on the road. we drove by, saw the sign, and made a quick u-turn only to find out that they had already closed up for lunch. but they were nice enough to serve us two pieces of pie and it was some of the best i've ever had. also try the bison burger at lochsa lodge; it was delicious. and for breakfast, stop at the hob nob cafe, in missoula, for delicious pancakes and corn beef hash.

see: about an hour and a half from the west entrance of yellowstone national park, you'll find a little ghost town turned tourist trap, virginia city, montana. stop for some huckleberry taffy and a walk around the town to stretch your legs. another place to see, much closer to yellowstone, is quake lake; a lake that was formed in 1959 after a 7.5 earthquake hit and created a landslide that dammed up the river. the dead trees sticking up out of the middle of the lake are something out of dr. suess, but in the most beautiful way possible. it's worth a quick stop along the road to read more about. 

do: pull off on the side of the road and dip your toes in the river.

sleep: we only stayed one night in idaho, in the campground behind the lochsa lodge, before camping outside of yellowstone at the beaver creek campground, but both locations were nice and not too full for showing up in the afternoon looking for a spot. there are plenty of other campgrounds around too, but once you get out of range of a cellphone tower they become a lot harder to find. so even if you don't want to make reservations ahead of time, at least choose a couple to check out so that you will definitely find a place to stay. 

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