Thursday, May 26, 2016

vineyards in walla walla

no drive through the yakima valley would be complete without a stop in walla walla to try some of the delicious wine grown in this region of washington. the drive into and out of town was gorgeous, with rolling hills of greens, yellows, and rows upon rows of fruit trees. walla walla is definitely a wine lovers paradise, so be ready to try lots of wine!  

a quick guide to walla walla -- 

eat: whitehouse-crawford was awesome. it's a little on the pricey side, but it's a beautiful place, with a rich history, and delicious food. for a more informal dinner, sit at the bar and watch the chefs while they work. don't skip out on any of the courses, it's all worth it. and for an awesome german pancake breakfast experience, try maple counter.

do: there are quite a few tasting rooms in town, but if you want a more personal touch, go out to one of the vineyards and make a day of it. we tried abeja and gramercy cellars, two of my dad's favorite wineries. abeja has beautiful grounds; walk around and see all of the bees, for which the winery is named, in the lavender garden. you can even stay at the abeja inn if you're so inclined. or visit gramercy cellars, a little closer to town, for a relaxed wine tasting experience with nice people and good wine. 

sleep: if you want to camp, you'll have to do so outside of walla walla as there is no official campgrounds within a 20 mile radius of the town. but there are plenty of cheap hotels, or fancy ones, if you want to splurge.

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