Saturday, June 25, 2016

state fair of texas

i ooze tribe pride, anyone who knows me, knows that i bleed green and gold. but the pride i have in my alma mater is nothing compared to the pride texans have for texas. they celebrate texas independence day, root for texas sports teams, know strange facts about texas, and get very offended when people bad mouth it. i know this because i married a texan.

but you can never truly understand texas until you've visited the state fair. located in the heart of dallas, it's 3 weeks of fried food, concerts, and carnival rides. and big tex is perhaps the most iconically texan thing besides the lone star. 

if you decide to visit the state fair of texas, which you most definitely should, be sure to find out what the best fried foods for the year are. there are some classics, we liked the thanksgiving dinner and the peanut butter and jelly and banana sandwich, but each year booths compete to have the best new fried creation, and they are delicious.  

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