Monday, June 27, 2016

the artwork of austin

i've been hearing about austin for years. especially since living in tucson, as tucson has often been compared to a young austin. but austin is it's own flavor. it's a university town, it's the capitol of texas, and it's a music haven. my favorite part though was the street art; it's everywhere!

a quick guide to austin --

eat:  you know we can't resist a good ramen place, and ramen tatsu-ya is good. another great dinner spot is launderette, a cute little spot in east austin, known for their cocktails and small plates, but if you're looking for a more relaxed eating experience though, check out east side pies. and for breakfast, don't miss biscuits + groovy, a permanent food truck located a couple miles north of UT.   

see: the bats under the congress avenue bridge! there are approximately 1.5 million bats living under the congress avenue bridge, and each night they come out a sunset to devour thousands of pounds of bugs. it's amazing! it takes about an hour for all of them to exit the bridge, and they won't return til dawn, eating their way across austin. and during the day you can hear them if you're kayaking around lady bird lake. 

do: austin is a very bike friendly town; take advantage by renting a bike from austin bcycle ($8/day). austin is also known for its pools and springs, so definitely use your trip there as an opportunity to soak up the sun and get a bit of exercise by kayaking around lady bird lake with congress avenue kayaks. if you head towards barton springs, you can still swim in the cool water without paying the entrance fee. 

sleep: via airbnb at a cute birdhouse; it's very small, but it's in a great location. 

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