Wednesday, June 15, 2016

the mountains of colorado

it seems like everyone and their mother is talking about moving to colorado. the winter sports, the summer sports, the climbing, the food, the elevation, the views, the mountains. and they aren't wrong. denver and the surrounding area is a little paradise for the outdoorsy, dirtbag type. but be sure to clean up a little and check out the food too -- they've got some really good stuff! 

a quick guide to the denver area -- 

eat: after a couple of weeks of making sandwiches out of the back of our car, the denver area was a pleasant surprise; the food was diverse and amazing. our favorites included: hops and pie for delicious pizza, lucile's for a cajun breakfast, sherpa's for a tibetan treat, tengu for amazing ramen, and of course, the breweries: southern sun and cannonball creek brewery.

see: obviously the star of the show in denver is rocky mountain national park, but the denver science museum is pretty spectacular as well. be sure to check out their dinosaurs exhibit; they have a great collection! but if all you really want to do is explore rocky mountain national park, that's cool too! there are a million hikes to choose from but since it was raining with thunderstorms projected we only had time to do a little hike near bear lake, to emerald and dream lake, about a 3 mile loop. 

do: climb! denver is known for its amazing climbing, both outside and in the gyms. we did a little bouldering one day in the flatirons with some friends, which we can't recommend enough. but if it's a gym you're looking for we recommend earth treks in golden; it's spacious, has a ton of stuff to climb, and the showers are great. another fun spot is the spot bouldering gym; they have a different grading system, but that almost makes it more fun. and finally, if you're into gear, climbing, camping, or otherwise, shop at neptune mountaineering. it's a local version of rei and has some amazing stuff. 

sleep: for the true dirtbag experience camp at cold springs campground outside of golden and shower at the ymca. the ymca gives you 3 free showers!

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