Wednesday, June 1, 2016

yellowstone national park

yellowstone is hot and full of traffic. that is, it has hot geysers and bison in the middle of the road creating traffic jams. it's awesome. and breathtaking. my favorite place in yellowstone is the grand prismatic spring, because of the awesome rainbow colors, but there is so much beauty packed into this small corner of wyoming. we only spent a day and half exploring and driving through, but you could easily spend a week here.

a quick guide to yellowstone -- 

eat: pack a lunch, there are very few options for food in the park, and they are crowded and overpriced. 

see: yellowstone national park! there are a million things to see in the park, but the crowd favorites are old faithful, the prismatic springs, and the bison. our recommendation though, is to try and visit the geysers later in the afternoon; they're less crowded, it's cooler out, and they're no less magnificent. we saw old faithful erupt around 730pm, and had a front row seat to a beautiful sunset. (fyi: it's $30 per car to visit yellowstone, but if you want to visit both yellowstone and grand teton national parks, it's $50. both passes last for 7 days.)

do: go on a hike -- there are plenty to do in the park, look at the park newsletter or check out websites dedicated to hiking for ideas. we weren't able to do a significant hike in yellowstone because of an minor injury, but walking around the rim of yellowstone's grand canyon was spectacular. 

sleep: when we decided to drive through yellowstone, we knew that it would be difficult to find a camping spot, let alone a hotel room, so we decided to stay a little further away hoping to beat the crowds. the campground we found, the beaver creek campground, is about 30 minutes away from the west entrance, and while a little difficult to find in the dark, it was uncrowded, which is sometimes all you can ask for.

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