north america

canada, the united states, and mexico: three huge countries, with varied geography, people, languages, and cultures, but all gorgeous and travel-worthy. i highly recommend exploring these beautiful nations to their fullest potential; they won't let you down!



when i was growing up, i desperately wanted to visit all 50 states, so i made up a rule that if i'd peed in a state, i could cross it off the list. and after visiting a bunch of new states this past year, i'm so excited to say that i've (finally) visited 40 of the 50 states! i'm still missing the middle bits, some of the deep south, hawaii & alaska, but in all of my traveling i've learned one thing: the united states is a fantastically amazing country with spectacular scenery and people.

(there are too many posts from the united states to put them all here, please visit usa to see them all.)

i was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to drive from burlington, vermont to flagstaff, arizona, with many stops along the way. here are the posts i wrote about the driving days; if  you're interested in the things we saw, check out the individual posts on the usa page!

baja california sur



distrito federal






estado de mexico






quintana roo




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