at the end of each day, i find myself emptying my pockets and throwing out the little odds and ends i've collected throughout the day; sometimes there isn't a lot and sometimes there is, but i've always thrown it all out. once i saw devin castro's instagram though i decided to try out something new. i've started to save those bits and pieces and document them. every sunday, i gather all of the things i've collected throughout the week and i take a picture of them. i certainly don't want to keep them, most of the scraps i've collected are trash after all, but it's nice to have a little record of them long after they've been bagged up and thrown in the dumpster.

week 28 // week 29




week 20
 // week 21




week 12
 // week 13


week 10
 // week 11












week 33
 // week 34



week 29
 // week 30




week 23
 // week 24


week 21
 // week 22





week 13
 // week 14


week 11
 // week 12



week 7
 // week 8





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